CertAll Standard Into IFOAM Family of Standards

Certification Alliance (CertAll) is happy to announce the successful inclusion of the
Certification Alliance Organic Standard into the IFOAM Family of Standards.

The IFOAM Family of Standards contains all standards endorsed by the Organic Movement. Approval is conducted by experts in accordance with a codified procedure, involving the Standards Requirement Committee of IFOAM – Organics International.

Submision was made by ACT Organic, the first IFOAM Accredited, EU approved and Canada accredited certification body in Asia.

The CertAll Standard is based on the ASOA [ASEAN Standard for Organic Agriculture] including EU equivalent requirements. This allows CertAll partners in ASEAN member states to provide IFOAM Accredited certification in conjunction with their national organic standard for cross border trade in the region and beyond.

CertAll partners include ACT, Thailand; COrAA, Cambodia; ICERT, Indonesia;
LOCA, Lao PDR; Mekong Cert, Vietnam; OAM, Malaysia; OCCP ICSI, Philippines;
also OCN, Nepal and Sri Cert, Sri Lanka.