ICERT Obtains KAN Accreditation as an Aquaponics Certification Body

KAN accredits ICERT as a certification body for the scope of aquaponics with a private standard certification scheme based on SNI ISO/IEC 17065:2012, as stated in the KAN letter regarding the accreditation decree dated December 28, 2022.

Based on the KAN decision, business actors who have been certified in aquaponics by ICERT can use the ICERT aquaponics logo on product packaging and other promotional materials.

The accreditation process itself has been ongoing since June 2022. Initially, ICERT applied for accreditation to KAN to expand the scope of accreditation in organic certification for the Production of Fresh Plants and Plant Products—Aquaponic Method with reference to the ICERT Aquaponic Production System Standard.

KAN’s audit process and witness audit for the purpose of expanding the scope of this accreditation have been carried out, and the results have been declared to have met the requirements. However, because aquaponics has not been regulated in SNI 6729:2016, Organic Agriculture System, KAN has postponed making an accreditation decision for the accreditation scope while asking for a revision of SNI 6729:2016.

Considering that the revision process for SNI 6729:2016 takes a long time, ICERT re-submitted an application for accreditation for the scope of aquaponics certification using a private standard certification scheme based on SNI ISO/IEC 17065:2012.

At a Glance: The ICERT Aquaponics Standard

The ICERT Aquaponic Production System Standard is used as a reference in organically aquaponic production and as a reference for aquaponic production system certification.

The aquaponic production system certified by ICERT is a system for the organic production of fresh plants and plant products without using chemical inputs, both in the aquaculture process and in agricultural cultivation and the post-harvest processing of agricultural products. This standard was prepared with reference to the FAO Aquaponics Guidance and SNI 6729:2016 concerning organic agriculture systems.

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