Climate change has a very broad impact on life. The increase in the earth’s temperature effects various aspects of nature and human life, such as continuous rainfall and prolonged droughts that affect the quality and quantity of water, agricultural land, environment, health and ecosystems of coastal areas.

Climate change occurs due to increasing concentrations of carbon dioxide gas and other gases in the atmosphere that cause greenhouse gas [GHG] effects as a result of various human activities such as fossil fuel emissions, land use changes, waste and industrial activities.

Changes in land use greatly affect climate change. Agricultural activities, deforestation, and other land conversion activities contribute to 30% of total GHG emissions. The agricultural sector contributes to GHG emissions, but is at the same time highly affected by climate change.

The involvement of all elements of agriculture is very important, especially farmers, in mitigating and adapting to climate change because farmers experience the direct impact of climate change.

Climate Friendly Farming [CFF] verification ensures best practices in sustainable agriculture for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions based on the latest version of the ISKOL Climate Friendly Farming Standard.

General requirements:

  • Management is committed to implementing climate-friendly agricultural practices according to CFF standards;
  • Undertake efforts to reduce GHG emissions and increase carbon stocks through identification of sources of GHG emissions in plantations, undertake efforts to reduce GHG emissions and increase carbon stocks in plantations;
  • Conducting cultivation that adopts climate change mitigation and adaptation efforts;
  • Conduct water conservation as an effort to adapt to climate change;
  • Conduct land conservation as an effort to adapt to climate change;
  • Conserving natural resources around the land as an effort to mitigate climate change;
  • Safe and environmentally friendly product handling.

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