4C Certification works towards sustainable coffee supply chains and improved livelihoods of farmers. 

4C certification applies high standards on economic, social and environmental conditions for coffee production and processing to establish sustainable, trustworthy and fair coffee supply chains. 

4C Compliant Coffee is coffee that has been produced in accordance with the 4C Code of Conduct, a set of baseline sustainable practices and principles for the production of green coffee beans. Compliance can be demonstrated through the 4C Certification System and the 4C Certificates that are subsequently issued. The responsibility for operating the 4C Certification System belongs to 4C Services GmbH.

ICERT is acknowledged as a 4C certification body with the following geographical scope: Indonesia, China, Timor Leste, Laos, Myanmar, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.


There are two prerequisites to qualify as a 4C Unit:

  • Be able to produce and supply a minimum of one container of green coffee (20 tons)
  • Have a person or a group of people (Managing Entity) who can ensure the implementation of the 4C Code of Conduct

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