All organic products are distributed to Indonesia must be label ORGANIK INDONESIA on the packaging. To affix the logo, the importer must be certified as organic by a KAN accredited organic certification body.

ICERT provides organic certification for imported products.


A. Equivalency Assessment of Standard and Regulation

  • The applicants submit copies of a valid organic certificate from producer in the origin country, transaction certificate, packing list [PL], Bill of Landing [BoL], Certificate of Analysis [CoA] to ICERT.
  • ICERT will do equivalency assessment of organic standard and regulation in origin country with Indonesia.
  • In case it is considered as equivalence, ICERT will issue a Recommendation of JIPO [Guarantee of Integrity for Organic Product] that can be used by importer to proceed Import Certificate [SKI] and Distribution Permission from BPOM.

B. Organic certification

  • ICERT does onsite inspection to processing/repacking/warehouse facility of imported product to assess compliances of handling of imported organic products against the standard and regulation in Indonesia.
  • In case it is comply, ICERT will issue organic certification and give a right to use the label ORGANIK Indonesia.

Procedure of JIPO application
JIPO Registration Form
Further information about JIPO
JIPO Client List