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Organic products area sold in Indonesia must be certified as organic according to SNI 6729:2016,  Permentan No. 64/2013 and Perka BPOM No.1/2017; and labeled with ORGANIK Indonesia.

ICERT provides organic certification for Indonesia market for for crops and crop products, livestock and livestock product, wild collected products, and processing of crop livestock and wild collected products.


Crop production:

  • No use or contaminate agrochemicals or GMO to the land, crop production and crop product that will be applied to certification for 2 years for annual crops and 3 years for perennial crops.
  • No mixing products from non-organic farm and claimed das organic.
  • Implementing organic management system in organic production.

Livestock and livestock product

  • Livestock future supply used from organic livestock future supply or non-organic livestock future supply which managed organically.
  • Feed uses organic or permitted ingredients.
  • Livestock raising takes note of the conditions of Animal Welfare [conditions of cages, water, fresh air].
  • Implement an organic management system in the organic agricultural production process.

Processing and handling of organic products:

  • Use organic certified raw materials.
  • No mixing and contaminate with non-organic product and prohibited substances in the processing process from the receiving materials to finished products.
  • Implementing organic management system for organic handling & processing.

When the operator involves or cooperates with small farmers in producing organic, it is required to implement an Internal Control System (ICS) to ensure all actors in the organic production supply chain, especially small farmers, until marketing is in accordance with the standards.

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