UTZ CERTIFIED is an independent non-for-profit organization developing and implementing worldwide certification standards and traceability systems for professional, socially and environmentally responsible commodity production and sourcing. UTZ CERTIFIED is a credible instrument for coffee, tea and cocoa farmers, cooperatives and producer groups to show their buyers that their product is produced in a professional way, with socially and environmentally appropriate growing practices and efficient farm management

With its in-depth Code of Conduct [farm, group], the program gives independent assurance of sustainable production and sourcing and offers online real-time traceability of agricultural products back to their origin.

By a strategic partnership with INDOCERT (a UTZ Certified authorized Certification body), ICERT UTZ auditors are hired by INDOCERT to carry out audits for UTZ Certified certification program for farm & group certification (coffee, cocoa, tea, herbs] & Chain of Custody in Indonesia.

ICERT RA Auditors have a lot of experiences to carry out Rainforest Alliance Sustainable Agriculture audits in Indonesia, Viet Nam, Laos, Philippines, China and Papua New Guinea etc.

UTZ Certification Procedure.

UTZ Application Form.