The Indonesia Sustainability Tea Standard (STI-CERTEAFIED) is a guideline for implementing sustainable, quality, and traceable tea production. The STI CERTEAFIED requires any entity [large tea plantations, smallholder tea plantations, tea processing factories, and supply chain (traders)] to have and implement a risk-based STI management system with continuous improvements to aspects of quality, food safety, product traceability, environment, and employment in tea production.

Any tea entity that has been implementing STI CERTEAFIED in their tea business activities can apply for CERTEAFIED certification to ensure good and sustainable performance practices in quality and traceable tea production.

The entity that complies with the STI CERTEAFIED requirements will obtain a CERTEAFIED certificate and can use the CERTEAFIED label on product packaging, documents, letters, and other publications to enhance consumer trust and the competitiveness of their tea product in the market.

ICERT has been appointed by the Indonesia Tea Board as an acknowledged certification body for the Indonesian CERTEAFIED sustainable tea certification for plantations, tea processing, and supply chains.

General requirement:
  1. Any entity applies STI CERTEAFIED according to their activities.
    1. 1.1. Tea plantations and processing factories
        a) Large plantations implements the STI Large Plantation
        b) Smallholder plantations implements STI Smallholder Plantations
        c) Tea Processing implementsSTI Tea Processing
        For large plantation entities/smallholder plantations and also processing tea implement STI Large Plantations / STI Smallholder Plantations and STI Tea Processing.
      1.2. Supply Chain (Trader) implements STI Supply Chain.

  2. The entity carries out self-assessments and regular risk assessments to ensure sustainable implementation of the STI program.
Special requirements:
  1. For plantation/factory, entities can apply for certification individually or as a group.
  2. Group certification applies to large plantations and/or smallholder plantations
    • Have a management system to ensure all plantations and/or tea processing factories and sub-contractors [if any] comply with STI requirements;
    • Carry out centralized marketing system under internal management (IMS);
    • Documents and records are kept at the centralized location;
    • For large plantations, all plantations and/or factories have legal relations. Meanwhile, smallholder plantations have clear own legality, such as cooperatives.
  3. Product traceability.
    • Tea processing factories and supply chain/traders must use STI-CERTEAFIED certified raw materials.
    • Smallholder tea plantations that are part of the supplier scope of large tea plantations and/or tea processing factories are required to carry out certification as part of large plantations or tea factories.
    • There is a list of suppliers, accompanied by a copy of a valid STI CERTEAFIED certificate
    • Transaction Certificate (issued directly by DTI)
Scope of Certification:
  • Plantation Certification (Large plantations, smallholder plantations, and/or tea processing factories)
  • Supply Chain
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