Organic & Natural Cosmetics and Health Care

Organic and natural cosmetic and health care products are increasing for reasons that are safe for the skin and good for the health of the body. This product uses ingredients from organic farming or natural resources in a responsible way with respect for human health and the environment.

Certification of organic and natural cosmetics and health care products is a tool to encourage transparency and consumer confidence about cosmetic and health care products that are safe for skin and body health according to the ICERT Standards for Organic & Natural Cosmetics & Health Care Products. ICERT can give this certification service.

The scope of products can be certified using this scheme:

  1. Cosmetics, such as personal care products, skin care products, make-up, sanitary napkins, and cold towels.
  2. Health care products, except food and medicine, including but not limited to
  • herbal and health products, eg ball compresses (herbal compresses for body and face), herbal inhalers, and fragrances.
  • insect repellent, eg balm and mosquito repellent.

cleaning products, eg dish cleaners and laundry products.

General requirements

  • All certified products must comply with applicable legal and regulatory requirements.
  • It is forbidden to use raw materials, base materials, or processing using GMOs.
  • maximize the proportion of organic certified ingredients in the product.
  • Product processing must comply with the Guidelines for Good Cosmetics Manufacturing Practices or Cosmetic GMP Guidelines [CPKB].
  • Processing techniques and methods do not contaminate the environment.
  • The packaging chosen must compatible with the product and does not react with the substances in it and uses environmentally friendly.

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