Operators who want to export organic products to Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia and or New Zealand, can register IFOAM organic certification with ICERT.

ICERT collaborates with ACT to provide IFOAM organic certification services for crops and crop product, handling & processing of product origin from crop and livestock, wild collection, and organic input

For IFOAM organic certification, applicants meet  Certification Alliance Organic Standard  and be certified by ACT. If it meets the requirements, clients can use the IFOAM organic label on product and other promotional materials.

  • Organic Certification Procedure
  • Registration Form
  • Ketentuan Penggunaan Logo organik
  • Transaction Certificate Procedure
    Transaction Certificate Procedure
    1. The operator requests TC / CoI to ICERT 7-10 working days before the transportation leaves the export country
    2. The operator sends TC / CoI requests complete with:
      – delivery note
      – invoice of the transaction
      – packing list from the broker
    1. ICERT / ACT will provide a draft TC / CoI copy to the operator to ensure that the data is appropriate.
    2. After obtaining confirmation that the data is appropriate, ICERT / ACT will issue TC / CoI.
    3. ICERT / ACT will send the TC / CoI electric version to the operator. For the original TC / CoI will be sent to the address requested by the operator.
    4. Every TC / COI submission will be processed at least 7 working days.
  • IFOAM Client List

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